Air-to-Air Photography

Aircraft always look their best in their element: flying. There is no greater thrill than to be flying above a gorgeous evening scene and look out the window to see another beautiful aircraft flying alongside us. I've been photographing aircraft for over 13 years and have been honored to share the sky with so many unique examples.  

It is my personal goal to photograph as many antique aircraft as possible, from classic manufactures such as Fairchild, Stinson, TravelAir, Waco, Aeronca, and many others. As a pilot, my favorite aircraft to fly was the Aeronca Champ, which I earned my tailwheel endorsement in. The simplicity of flying without an electrical system and old-fashioned stick-and-rudder skills was transformative. To see those rare types in the air - FROM the air - is pure magic.

What do I get out of it?

Beautiful high-resolution images - You'll be given access to your own photo gallery from the flight where you can purchase prints or other products directly, or download the images to print and share with family and friends yourself. If you would like these images featured in a publication of your writing, please contact me directly so I can make sure they get the format they need for publication and proper credit.

Learning experience - When possible, I prefer to have a safety pilot fly along with you, especially for first-time formation pilots. This person is a highly experienced CFI who has been doing photo flights with me for several years. They are very safety-minded and will help ensure a safe and enjoyable formation experience.

A feature video on my YouTube Channel. I record videos as well as take photos on each flight and use those to share the experience of the photo flight on my YouTube channel. If you are interested, I am also looking to share more pilot stories and aircraft information on the channel. If you'd like to participate please let me know so we can plan additional time before or after the flight.

Do you own a collection or aviation museum?

In addition to the above, I also offer virtual tour services. Entice more visitors by sharing unique perspectives of your collection such as cockpit views, hangar walk-throughs, and gorgeous images to use for your own advertising and sales. I will share content across my social media platforms (Facebook page has nearly 22k followers, YouTube has nearly 40k subscribers), and may also use them in publications. In partnership with a talented graphic artist, we may also create unique items for merchandise in your virtual or on-site gift shop.

Ready to fly?

If you are interested in signing up for an air-to-air photo flight, please complete this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.