Fight to Fly Photography - Jason R. Fortenbacher | About
A little about me...

My obsession with aviation began at a very early age, thanks to the support and encouragement of my parents, Dale and Katie Fortenbacher. When I was about five years old, they bought me my very first airplane model, that my dad helped me put together. Ever since then, I've been in love with airplanes, and at the age of 13 they both realized they could non longer keep me on the ground, and purchased an introductory flight lesson for me. I'm currently an instrument rated private pilot with tailwheel endorsement.

Another strong passion I had acquired was that of photography, thanks to my amazing aunt, Flora Ochs. Over the last eight years, I've continually fine-tuned my skills as an aviation photographer which has opened more flying opportunities than even my pilot certificate has!

Currently my main profession is being a Special Education teacher, with my photographic pursuits done in any free time I have on the weekends or during Summer.