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This photo flight was a ton of fun! I put sent out a query to FATPNW asking if any folks would be interested in a photo flight the upcoming weekend, and I was very pleased to get several responses.
Four pilots were able to participate, none of which have flown together, making this a unique setup. I briefed the flight using the checklist I developed with the help of Roger Weber and James Polivka and were able to successfully conduct a safe formation flight.
Pilots and aircraft:
Lead/Photo: Cessna 172 - Vlad Nazarov
2: Cessna 150 - Chris Civilx Riley
3: Luscombe 8e - Chris Fraser
4: Cessna 170 - Eugene Rigs
We departed Paine Field and headed north over Arlington, then east toward Darrington, following highway 530 toward Concrete. We flew some 360s throughout the route to get images of the snow-covered mountains in the background. From there we flew west toward Burlington, then south to return home to Paine Field.