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This photo flight is another one that was several weeks/months in the making, and still almost fell apart the day of. But, luck prevailed and James, Mark, and I were able to meet up at Paine Field, conduct a briefing, and execute another safe and beautiful photo flight.

Air-to-air photography is very much a team activity and this flight was a perfect example of how that can make for great results. The subject aircraft this evening was a beautiful Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer, flown by owner Mark Drees, and James Polivka flew a Cessna 172 from the right seat to lead the formation over Snohomish. Keep his eyes forward, James did a great job of identifying cool features in the terrain to include in the images, such as the hot air balloons that had just landed in an empty field, and setting us up for those silhouette shots that I love so much. Mark flew as if he was attached to us, maintaining a safe distance and minimal movement.