Aircraft Virtual Tours and Immersive Learning Experiences

I'm extremely excited to announce some new offerings I've been developing over the last year in the area of virtual tours and immersive learning experiences. Going beyond the static cockpit 360, I am able to create a fully immersive learning experience that allows visitors to interact with the content, learn about the aircraft, and even fly in the cockpit as if they are there with the use of Virtual Reality.  


For future tours, there will be two parts to the development: The walk-around video, and the 360 images.  The owner/pilot/representative will host a detailed walk-around of the aircraft, highlighting the history of the aircraft, restoration process, unique features, and as many details as they are willing to provide. Pilots and aviation enthusiasts LOVE details, so the more the better.  This video will be edited and shared on social media, including Facebook, YouTube, and portions on Instagram. (Files will be available to the owner as well).  After the tour is built, the videos will be embedded so as the user looks around the aircraft, they can pull up specific clips that pertain to what they are looking at.

Check out this YouTube Playlist for the videos I've produced so far.

I start with a basic virtual tour around and inside the aircraft, allowing the visitor to experience the aircraft from all angles. From there we build in learning content, media content, and additional features such as aircraft configuration changes and immersive 360 video. A single tour can contain multiple user experiences, which can be of great benefit to museums and in-person guests.  For example, a placard in front of an aircraft may contain a QR code that your guest may scan with their smartphone, which will take them to 360 views inside the aircraft. This way they can experience a greater enjoyment of your collection without the worry of damage to your precious artifacts. 

Other features I can provide for your tour:

  • Different Configurations - show what the aircraft looks like with panels open or closed, flaps up or down, etc.
  • Side-by-side comparisons - two similar aircraft? Provide a side-by-side direct comparison
  • Guided virtual tour - have the user follow a specific path around the aircraft t learn content in order
  • Audio narration
  • Video integration
  • Gamification - users earn points throughout the tour for answering questions, clicking on items, etc.
  • E-learning - Add quizzes for your visitors to put their knowledge to the test
  • Checklist - Help guide users to find specific items that may be hidden
  • QR code to specific panoramas or areas of the tour
  • Embed all other types of media, including 3D models, documents, video, audio, etc. 
  • Integrate with your gift shop
  • All branded to YOUR organization


DEMOS: (Some features are still in development)



This example demonstrates how a single virtual tour can offer different experiences for the user, including an open world where the user can explore the surroundings like a traditional virtual tour, or a guided experience that allows the user to learn about the artifacts as if a docent or instructor is alongside them. Click on Cessna 172 or RV-6 for an example of a tour a user may experience for an individual artifact.



This tour further demonstrates the training capabilities of immersive experiences. It features several videos with the owner describing different aspects of the aircraft, detailed views identifying key components, and an immersive video. Select Tour mode to explore the aircraft on your own, or choose Guided for an educational walk-around, watching videos, and learning all about the aircraft. Follow the green pins to continue through the experience, finishing up in the cockpit. 

Don't forget to take the quiz at the end of the Guided tour! 

B-29 Superfortress - Doc

During a tour stop at The Museum of Flight, I was able to take several panoramic images at various points around the aircraft and inside the cockpit. I am still developing this tour and I am integrating elements from flight, training, and maintenance manuals, allowing the user to learn more detailed information about this historic aircraft. 

2022 Concrete Old-Fashioned Fly-In

Take in the sights of the beautiful Mears Field in Concrete, Washington, during their 2022 Fly-In.  As you look around you'll be able to learn about many of the aircraft, see some detail photos, and watch videos of many of them departing. This was a really fun and unique way to share this experience with others. 


Spirit of St. Louis by JNE

This flying replica of the famous Ryan NYP is the most accurate example flying today.  John Norman has recreated this work of art and has not overlooked a single detail, having gone to study and document the original at the National Air and Space Museum. 

Fairchild 24W46 Argus

Take a look around this gorgeous 1946 Fairchild 24W, owned by Michael Dickerson.  This tour features several video clips of the owner discussing the history of the aircraft, his flying experiences, and other interesting details about the aircraft. Enjoy!